professional telephony system for bitrix24 platform made on twilio

  • Global carrier infrastructure
  • Exceptional call experiences
  • Pricing that reflects your business needs
Full overview of TwiCall

About TwiCall

Fully integrated telephony system for the Bitrix24 platform based on Twilio. It is the important step to building a great customer experience.You can make outgoing calls, incoming calls, each conversation automatically creates a record of the conversation for better control of calls.

150 000+
trusted companies


Make outgoing calls directly from Bitrix24

All incoming calls go directly to Bitrix24

The ability to assign a phone number to a specific user

The phone conversation is not interrupted when the page is updated or the page is closed with Bitrix24

A record of all calls immediately saved in Bitrix24 in Leads, Deals, Contacts or Company

How the application is installed

Go to Bitrix24 marketplace

download and install extension 

for Google Chrome

Install Twicall

enjoy crystal clear sound when talking to your clients!

Check installation guide here